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When I am dressed as a boi is when I feel more confident in who I am. Boi Society has made me feel more confident in who I am because who I am is not wrong

Tyla Watson


There is just something about knowing that you are not alone, and that there are people out there like you.

Kara West


Boi(s) Gives Me Life. I just love what they represent and love being part of the movement


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Your Boi(s) Club Box will come to your address Every Other Month. We chose this time frame to ensure our team has enough time to find cool brands and develop content worthy of the Boi(s) Experience. Our boxes are shipped between the 1st and 5th of the Month.

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We interviewed over 100 Boi(s) as asked them what they wanted to see in a subscription box. You answered, we listened. The Boi(s) Box will be filled with fashion, content, lifestyle items, and more. Find new ties, colognes, info on dating, gender, money and career and SO MUCH MORE.

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